Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015

Water, 2015

The no-good, very bad year — and now, 'pray for rain'

The 2015 water year also saw the highest average temperature in 120 years of record-keeping. LOS ANGELES TIMES

Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times

The year of the brown lawn and shortened showers concludes today, with water officials citing bleak statistics and expressing hope that the next few months will bring the heavy rains California so desperately needs. "Water year" 2015 was hot, dry and fiery, compounding the misery brought on by a fourth year of drought.


Even in drought, state water rights politically toxic

Palm Springs Desert Sun

It was the worst drought in California's history. Facing a crisis, Gov. Jerry Brown decided it might be time to tackle a thorny political subject: water rights. Then it rained. A lot. It was 1978.


Poll: Californians willing to sacrifice in drought

Capital Public Radio

The Hoover Institution's Golden State Poll focused on how to address the state's fourth year of drought. It found 54 percent of likely voters back current water cuts. An even higher percentage would support sharing groundwater or restricting its use. A majority would also rather see people fined for using too much water rather than being forced to pay higher rates.

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