Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016

'Regulatory overreach'

State plan for rivers doesn't hold water, MID chief says

The plan could roughly double the flow in the Stanislaus, Tuolumne and Merced rivers. MODESTO IRRIGATION DISTRICT


Modesto Bee

Water leaders Tuesday formally scorned a state proposal to drastically change river levels, saying it would cripple farms and the economy and threaten people's drinking water in Modesto, San Francisco and beyond. "To me, this is an outrage," said Greg Salyer, general manager of the Modesto Irrigation District. "This is probably the worst water threat we've ever had at MID."


Forest watersheds now part of state water system


Gov. Jerry Brown took a significant step Tuesday to preserve and maintain key sources of the state's water supply. With his signature, Assembly Bill 2480 became law, requiring recognition of source watersheds — especially those that feed Shasta and Oroville reservoirs — as water system infrastructure and a critical component of California's water system.


Subsidence a growing concern in Colusa County

Colusa Sun-Herald

Although the ground in Arbuckle and other parts of Colusa County isn't necessarily sinking, areas of subsidence are raising concerns. Since 2008, Arbuckle has dropped 2.08 feet. Around Colusa, about 2 to 4 inches of change has occurred during the past eight years.

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