Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017

In the wringer

‘Horizontal hurricanes’ pose a rising risk for California

Kenzie Stevens waits for her mother to pick her up in a canoe to go back home during the Russian River flood Jan. 11 in Guerneville. SANTIAGO MEJIA / San Francisco Chronicle

S.F. Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle

As increasingly intense hurricanes batter the Southeast and the Caribbean, California is facing its own threat of bigger and more destructive storms. Mounting research, much of it done in the wake of the near-record rains that pulled California out of a five-year drought, shows that seasonal soakers may not come as often as they used to, but could pack more punch when they do arrive. The potential consequences of the findings are enormous.


Public comment ends today on Clean Water Rule

Public News Service

Today is the last day to comment on a Trump administration proposal to repeal the Obama-era Clean Water Rule, which sought to clarify that federal protections apply to smaller streams and seasonal creeks, not just larger waterways. The rule is on hold in the courts and the EPA wants to scrap it. The California Water Resource Board is considering stronger regulations of its own to replace it.


U.S., Mexico expand pact on managing Colo. River

Associated Press

The United States and Mexico have agreed to renew and expand a far-reaching conservation agreement that governs how they manage the overused Colorado River. The agreement to be signed today calls for the U.S. to invest $31.5 million in conservation improvements in Mexico's water infrastructure to reduce losses to leaks and other problems.