Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017

Tunnel talks

MWD debates its stake in $17B Delta water project

25 million people, including nearly 19 million in Southern California, depend on reliable water supplies. MWD


KPCC Pasadena

The Metropolitan Water District — which supplies imported water for 19 million Southern Californians — is meeting today to begin discussions as to whether it should fund its $4 billion share of the California WaterFix. It's a tougher decision because the nation's biggest irrigation district, the Fresno-based Westlands Water District, voted Sept. 19 to not participate in the controversial project. The MWD board is scheduled to vote Oct. 10 on the project.


Conservancy awards $3.35M for 8 Tahoe projects

Tahoe Daily Tribune

The California Tahoe Conservancy Board has awarded up to $3.3 million in Proposition 1 funds for eight projects around the Tahoe Basin intended to improve forest health, lake clarity and water quality. "The suite of projects help address some of the most pressing issues facing Lake Tahoe," board chair Larry Sevison said.


Floods linked to atmospheric water vapor 'rivers'


Narrow atmospheric streams of water vapor that deliver heavy rains are more commonly associated with floods and debris flows in Northern California than with flash floods in Southern California. This process results in precipitation that can alleviate droughts, but can also cause floods, flash floods and debris flows, according to a new study that investigated the relationship between atmospheric rivers and these potentially dangerous events.