Friday, Sept. 25, 2015

Bond refresh

New California water bond seeks to plug funding holes

If backers can collect the necessary number of signatures, the proposal will be put to voters during the November 2016 election, when voter turnout is expected to be high. WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Wikimedia Commons


California environmentalists plan to file a new water bond proposal with the secretary of state next week, a measure backers say will provide critical money for programs that were underfunded by the $7.8 billion bond passed by voters last year. The exact amount of the new water bond is expected to be less than $5 billion, and would be put to voters in November 2016.


Stanford pinpoints arsenic spikes in groundwater

Stanford Daily

A collaboration between Stanford scientists and the Orange County Water District diagnosed the cause of transient spikes in trace arsenic levels seen in a Southern Californian groundwater basin: the introduction of highly purified water. OCWD has modified its post-treatment operations in light of its findings.

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