Friday, Sept. 22, 2017

Ebb and flow

East Bay water board backs Delta twin tunnels project

Sacramento Bee reporter Ryan Sabalow has been following the story closely. DWR


East Bay Times & Capital Public Radio

One day after the largest water district in America pulled out of a $17 billion state project to build twin tunnels under the Delta, a water supplier for Alameda County supported the plan. In a 5-2 decision Wednesday, the Zone 7 Water Agency endorsed California WaterFix. The agency also agreed to commit up to $250,000 more toward state planning of the project. But, like Westlands, will other water districts follow suit and bury the controversial water project?


How a water bill was resurrected in the final hours

Capital Public Radio

It was 11:59 p.m. last Friday, and Assembly Bill 313 sat silently in the Senate Appropriations Committee, where it had slumbered for weeks. Less than three hours later, it had passed both chambers of the Legislature. This is how the sausage is made in the Capitol. Or, more precisely: How a bill can go from its deathbed to the governor's desk on the Legislature's final night of session.


Hunting for plastic in our protected ocean waters

KQED San Francisco

California's marine sanctuaries protect ocean animals from fishing, underwater mining, and drilling. Yet scientists think a more insidious agent may be contaminating their territory: microplastics. A state ban doesn't take effect until 2020. So these microplastics, which are too small for water systems to catch, have continued to flow straight into San Francisco Bay.