Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016

Corrosion control

Fresno wants experts to tackle its rusty water problem

As Fresno sorts out problems with rusty water in the northeast part of the city, Public Utilities Director Thomas Esqueda discusses plans to reduce the potential for those problems to repeat themselves in Fresno, where a new $159 million surface water treatment plant is under construction. TIM SHEEHAN / Fresno Bee


Fresno Bee

Fresno wants to hire two national experts on corrosion in municipal water systems to reduce the odds that discolored water problems will repeat when a new plant opens in 2018. If the council approves today, the experts will help guide water treatment efforts for a new $159 million surface water treatment plant under construction.


Why California may ban new small water agencies

Water Deeply

Gov. Jerry Brown has until the end of the month to sign a bill on his desk that would ban the creation of new small water districts, which many feel pose health risks or provide unreliable water supply. SB 1263 passed through the State Assembly and Senate in August.


Fish restoration projects being checked off a list

Chico Enterprise-Record

At this point in the Sacramento River restoration game, one big fix will not change the outlook for endangered and threatened salmon. However, fish scientist Dave Vogel hopes that a series of smaller fixes will make a big difference. To make it easier for those small fixes to begin, he made a list. His ideas are included in this report.

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