Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017

Plan B

What's next for Gov. Brown's Delta tunnels proposal, now that a big chunk of its funding has disappeared?

Major water district throws wrench into California's water tunnels plan. SCV NEWS

SCV News

Sacramento Bee

Shellshocked by an influential farm irrigation district's refusal to help pay for the Delta tunnels, advocates of the $17.1 billion project scrambled Wednesday to salvage it or conjure up a Plan B. Three possible options were floated by water policymakers for reviving the proposal. All face substantial hurdles. Here's a look at the current state – and the immediate future – of the WaterFix project.


Enhancing groundwater recharge with stormwater

Maven's Notebook

At a recent seminar, Andy Fisher, a UC Santa Cruz professor and director of UC Water, as well as the founder of the Recharge Initiative, discussed the metered recharge pilot project that he is developing for the Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency, where he looks at stormwater quality and using GIS to map ideal locations for groundwater infiltration.


1st Water Professionals Appreciation Week on tap

Association of California Water Agencies

California's first Water Professionals Appreciation Week will launch Oct. 7 as part of a new annual designation intended to highlight the important role of water industry professionals and local public water agencies in ensuring safe and reliable water, wastewater, and recycled water in California.