Monday, Sept. 21, 2015

Trickling down

Millions in drought relief fail to reach many who need it

Without a working faucet, Maria Medina washes dishes with little 16-ounce water bottles. She says each dish requires about half a bottle. KERRY KLEIN / KQED


KQED San Francisco

Over the last year and a half, Gov. Jerry Brown has set aside $587 million for immediate emergency drought relief. But a third of that money still hasn't been spent. Part of the problem is that some families haven't reported their dry wells because they don't know that help is available. Tulare County has installed more than 360 tanks, although wells for more than 1,700 homes have gone dry.


Next drought nightmare: The fire that wouldn't die

Fresno Bee

From any angle, a monster wildfire east of Fresno is a zombie. The Rough Fire has repeatedly come back from the dead. The size of the fire — with a suppression price tag of about $100 million — was a product of drought, dead trees and a steep, rugged landscape. It probably will continue to fester in a few places until the snow falls.

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