Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015

Future of water

Can California's arcane water rights system change?

KPCC's Future of Water series looks at how California's relationship to water is likely to change in the hotter, drier, more populous state of the year 2040. KPCC Public Radio


KPCC Public Radio

PART FOUR: Much of California's arcane system of water rights stretches back to the Gold Rush. Basically, people who first claimed access to a water source have the first right to use it. It's a seniority based system: Older claims trump younger ones when water is scarce. But can a 19th century approach to water allocation survive in the 21st century? As it is now, too many people lay claim to shrinking water supplies. #CAwater2040


Groundwater law tests state's regulatory chops

Circle of Blue

Many observers assert that the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act is the most significant addition to California's water protection code in a century. But while they view the new law as a breakthrough in policy, it is not at all assured that building a new regulatory infrastructure to sustain California's groundwater reserves will be a triumph of practice.


Stormwater as a solution for semiarid regions

Stanford University

Down the drain. It's a phrase synonymous with lost opportunities. In semiarid regions, opportunity for improved water supply and security literally goes down the drain every time episodic rainstorms pass through. To take advantage of this rainfall, Stanford researchers are working to capture and reuse stormwater.

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