Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2015

Future of water

A glimpse into the water-wise California city of 2040

Dishwashers, washing machines and faucets will all use less water in the future. KPCC, via Nexus eWater


KPCC Public Radio

PART THREE: Cities are already being asked to cut back water use in the face of the crippling four-year drought. But as droughts become more frequent and more prolonged, cities will be asked to cut back even more. So let's take a look at how the relationship between water and urban dwellers might change by the year 2040. This is third of a five-part series that looks at California's future relationship to water. #CAwater2040


Southland rain could be preview of coming El Niño

Los Angeles Times & San Bernardino Sun

Tuesday was the second-wettest day in Los Angeles' history for the month of September, according to a Caltech climatologist. The downpour swamped streets, spilled into buildings, sent mud in motion and roiled rivers where rescue crews aided those swept up in the water overflow. But if experts are right, the deluge offered a preview for the wet El Niño winter ahead.


Price of conservation: Using less, but paying more

Bay Area News Group

Drought-conscious residents in some East Bay communities have outdone the rest of the state, slashing their water use even more than they were asked. But their success is causing trouble for a local water provider that has watched its sales dry up — and now plans to charge more for water to make up the difference.

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