Monday, Sept. 11, 2017

Funding foul-up

Federal audit determines improper taxpayer subsidies for Delta twin tunnels plan. Will it halt the project?

The Bureau of Reclamation Was Not Transparent in Its Financial Participation in the Bay Delta Conservation Plan. DOI


Sacramento Bee & San Francisco Chronicle

In a potential setback for the Delta tunnels, federal auditors said Friday that $50 million in taxpayer funds were used to improperly subsidize irrigation districts as they helped plan the project. Auditors did not accuse the Bureau of Reclamation of any corrupt intent and said instead that the bureau had mistakenly concluded that it was responsible for the payments.


Clean-water-for-all experiment begins to deliver

Circle of Blue

In 2012, Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 685, which stated that "every human being has the right to safe, clean, affordable, and accessible water adequate for human consumption, cooking, and sanitary purposes." The law also asked, but did not require, state agencies to consider that policy in their work. Five years later, what has the law amounted to? Quite a lot.


It could be a 'La Nada' winter, climatologists say

Santa Cruz Sentinel

To borrow a phrase from "Game of Thrones," winter is coming. The only question is whether the gods will allow a rerun of last winter, which unexpectedly dumped record amounts of rain and snow throughout the state that filled reservoirs and kept skiers on the slopes through August. At this point, though, no one knows for sure.