Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2017

Safety update

State report card says some dams could fail in a quake

State dams listed alphabetically by name. DWR


Department of Water Resources & KPCC Pasadena

The Department of Water Resources released updated information Friday on 1,249 dams across California. Eight percent of dams have deficiencies that keep them from being rated satisfactory, which is the state's highest rating. Eleven of 229 dams in Los Angeles and five surrounding counties show up on the state's list with a rating of fair or poor.


Lawmakers move to preserve climate change data

Los Angeles Times

The California Assembly advanced legislation Tuesday that seeks to protect climate science and scientists from the Trump administration. The bill would ask the California Environmental Protection Agency to preserve any scientific information "at risk of censorship or destruction by the federal government."


Drought is long gone, but state strives to conserve

Water Deeply

Good habits die hard, it seems, after five years of epic drought – for most Californians, anyway. After mandatory conservation targets were lifted in April following a very wet winter, many Californians continue using less water than they were prior to the drought.