Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015


A town in Tulare County is almost out of water — now, East Porterville is beginning to lose its people, too

The county says it would take 4 or 5 more wells to connect every home in East Porterville to the city's water supply. KFSN Fresno


KFSN Fresno

Tulare County is noticing a new trend. People are starting to pack up and leave East Porterville as wells continue to go dry. People who rent homes with dry wells are having the most trouble. But the county has plans to deliver. It's drilling a new well for the city on the west side to get water on the east side.


Normal flows resume along Delta Mendota Canal

Tracy Press

Pumping water upstream in the Delta-Mendota Canal has caught nationwide attention during this fourth year of drought, but that unusual operation is no longer needed. Wednesday, the plant northwest of Tracy resumed its original role — pumping enough water downstream in the canal to meet the needs of customers.


Drought relief crowdfunding aims to help families

KOVR Sacramento

The fourth year of California's historic drought has businesses and nonprofits taking a new approach toward providing relief. A crowdfunding campaign has launched to help California families who have run out of water.

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