Friday, Sept. 2, 2016

Hope floats

State enters final weeks of Congress seeking success

A controversial California water bill that spanned some 174 pages in the House still struggles for Senate traction. WIKIMEDIA



San Joaquin Valley lawmakers will hit Capitol Hill after Labor Day with bleak prospects for completing legislation once introduced with high hopes. But the tail end of the 114th Congress, which began in January 2015, could become another exercise in frustration, leavened by the occasional opportunity for success.


Extreme-weather winters becoming more common

Stanford University

The simultaneous occurrence of warm winters in the West and cold winters in the East has significantly increased in recent decades. The damaging and costly phenomenon is likely attributable to human-caused climate change, according to a new Stanford-led study.


UC Davis scientists deploy 'robot larvae' at sea

University of California News

Scientists from UC Davis are deploying "robot larvae" into the ocean at Bodega Bay for a research project that carries implications for a range of issues, including managing marine protected areas, fisheries, invasive species and the impacts of climate change.

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