Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2015

Coming up short

State gathers data on 2,500+ wells that have gone dry

Cumulative Household Water Supply Shortages. DWR


Chico Enterprise-Record

How many domestic wells are having trouble throughout the state? More than 2,500. That's not an exact figure, but it's better than the smattering of reports that had been collected before the most recent statewide summary. A California DWR report on household water supplies tallies water shortages and outages by region and county.


Drought puts water rights in crosshairs for reform

Water Deeply

Some experts believe California's antiquated regulation of water rights is ripe for reform; farmers worry it would come at their expense. California's severe drought has put its water rights system under scrutiny, raising the question whether a complete overhaul is necessary to better allocate water use.


ACWA highlights innovative conservation efforts

Association of California Water Agencies

The State Water Resources Control Board praised the efforts of local water agencies Tuesday after receiving a detailed presentation from ACWA on how water agencies are using innovative conservation campaigns to help them meet water conservation targets.

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