Friday, Sept. 1, 2017

Going to extremes

Stanford experts share their views on climate change, infrastructure and the economic impacts of Harvey

Hurricane-caused flooding in many areas reached unprecedented levels, with Houston neighborhoods becoming accessible only by boat or helicopter. AVERY BRISTOL / FWC

Avery Bristol / FWC

Stanford University

Houston, the fourth largest city in the nation with an economy the size of Sweden, and many other cities and towns in southeastern Texas have been devastated by the torrential rains and flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. Stanford researchers share their perspective on the causes and impacts of Harvey — and what the future holds.


State lawmakers approve bill on stormwater fees


A bill approved Thursday by the state Assembly would let local governments charge residents for stormwater management systems without voter approval. Supporters of the measure say it will help cities and counties prevent flooding and save water. Opponents say it violates Californians' right to vote on taxes.


District to prioritize vets for recycled water jobs

KHTS Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita workers and veterans would be moved to the front of the hiring line as part of the new water district planned for the Santa Clarita Valley, officials said Thursday. The jobs initiative would prioritize local construction workers, especially veterans, to build upwards of $200 million worth of recycled water projects.