Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016

Waste not, or else

State's water guzzlers will face new, tougher penalties

On average, 30% to 60% of the water Californians consume is used outdoors. Here are some tips to reduce outdoor water usage while still maintaining a beautiful yard. SAVE OUR WATER

Save Our Water

Mercury News

California's top water guzzlers could soon be hit with higher water bills and their names made public if the drought continues. A law signed late Monday by Gov. Jerry Brown requires retail urban water suppliers with more than 3,000 customers to put in place rules that define "excessive water use" and impose them during drought emergencies.


Project aims to bring Delta smelt back from brink

Sacramento Bee

A scientist with the Department of Water Resources is leading an effort to improve conditions for plankton in the hope it will help save from extinction the species that's most emblematic of the Delta's ecological woes — the Delta smelt. The tiny fish eat plankton, and smelt numbers are at all-time lows.

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