Monday, Aug. 29, 2016

Tapping in

East Porterville, tired of drought, sees the end in sight

East Porterville resident Juana Garcia's well ran dry, but now she has a water supply for her home with the water tank provided to her. JOHN WALKER / Fresno Bee


Fresno Bee

Five years of drought have left East Porterville residents exhausted. As of Monday, 628 homes have dry wells and no county-supplied water tanks. Demand for tanks outpaces supply, and workers can't install new ones without first securing a source of water. But the county has made progress. A year ago, twice as many homes were dry. Today, large tanks dot the town, symbols of the temporary drought solution.


Turlock breaks ground on historic water project

Turlock Journal & Modesto Bee

Turlock's recycled wastewater will soon be put to good use irrigating fields in the Del Puerto Water District as officials broke ground on Friday on the largest recycled water conveyance project in the country and the first water project for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, which owns and operates the Delta-Mendota Canal.


Mussel dogs muscle in to keep out lake intruders

Modesto Bee

Nemo, Noah and Popeye. Their names may not carry quite the coolness of some of their canine colleagues in law enforcement — Cash, Volk, Samson, Zeus — but the decidedly marine monikers fit perfectly what this trio is trained to do. They’re the Mussel Dogs, and they guard reservoirs, lakes and other waterways against intruders that, while not criminals, are killers.

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