Monday, Aug. 28, 2017

Room for rivers

California flood plan shifts to allow waters to spread

Central Valley Flood Protection Plan 2017 Update. DWR

Lodi News-Sentinel & KOVR Sacramento

After more than a century of building levees higher to hold back its rivers, California took another step Friday toward a flood-control policy that aims to give raging rivers more room to spread. The Central Valley Flood Protection Board adopted the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan to reduce the risks of floods by repairing existing facilities instead of building higher levees.


Bond aid: State begins vetting 12 water projects

Water Deeply

A dozen water storage projects in California are now officially in the running for a share of $2.7 billion in state bond funds. But experts are cautioning that taxpayers shouldn't get their hopes up that these projects will solve chronic water shortages in the state. The money comes from Proposition 1, a bond measure approved in 2014.


DWR: Limited value in reoperating existing system

Association of California Water Agencies

The Department of Water Resources has released a report evaluating options for reoperating existing flood protection and water supply systems. The report concludes that potential benefits are limited with the current system, but more significant benefits could be achieved with investment in new infrastructure.