Friday, Aug. 28, 2015

Slash & smash

31% water-use cut shows how the state has changed

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San Francisco Chronicle & Sacramento Bee

California's success in slashing water use in July by 31 percent — smashing the goal set by Gov. Jerry Brown — shows residents have come to terms with what four dry years have done to the state's water supply. The dramatic savings marks the second straight month in which Californians met or exceeded the 25 percent statewide target, dodging potential fines for water districts.


Water rights: Another hurdle for Delta tunnels

Stockton Record & KOVR Sacramento

Operators of California's giant state and federal water projects are formally asking for permission to take at least some of their water before it reaches the Delta, setting up another bureaucratic hurdle that must be cleared if Gov. Jerry Brown's twin tunnels are ever to be built. This week, federal and state agencies filed some of the first permit applications for the controversial project.


Fresno State drought study takes a broader view

Hanford Sentinel & Fresno State University

You've probably noticed it by now: A parade of California drought studies focusing relentlessly on lost agricultural jobs, lost total jobs, lost revenue, lost crop acreage and lost surface water supplies. A new study released Thursday by CSU Fresno, takes a different approach.

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