Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016

'Real commitment'

Brown and lawmakers hail sweeping climate legislation

Gov. Jerry Brown discussed climate change at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. DAVID SIDERS/ Sacramento Bee


Los Angeles Times & Sacramento Bee

Flanked by legislative leaders, Gov. Jerry Brown said that new measures approved Wednesday would be a milestone for the state's climate change policies. "This is a real commitment backed up by real power," the governor said. Legislative leaders called the dual measures essential to preserving the state's ambitious climate program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


2 experts answer key questions about WaterFix

Water Deeply

To address the drought and its effects across California, state officials have proposed a massive hydroengineering project dubbed California WaterFix, also known as the Delta tunnels project. Water Deeply talked with two experts to consider the pros and cons of the tunnels to better understand what WaterFix means for Californians.


Removal of mercury from water using coagulation

Maven's Notebook

In California, many of the state's streams, rivers and reservoirs are impaired for mercury, much of it a legacy from the Gold Rush days. Dr. Tamara Kraus with the U.S. Geological Survey talks about the latest laboratory and field test results using metal-based salts as a coagulant for mercury removal.

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