Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2015

Crystal clear

A good thing about drought? Lake Tahoe water clarity

"I have no intention of backing down," said Brown in regard to the current fight over one new hot-button climate change bill at the state Capitol. JOHN MYERS / KQED San Francisco


KQED San Francisco & Sacramento Bee

Perhaps the stunning blue lake waters were the inspiration for Gov. Jerry Brown to offer a crystal-clear message at Lake Tahoe's annual environmental summit: Opponents in the political fight over climate change better be ready. Standing on the beach, Brown spoke before a body of water that in one major way is benefiting from the drought. Fires burn in the distance, but Tahoe's clarity has only improved.


Climate change to hit state's water system hard

Association of California Water Agencies

Some of the biggest impacts of climate change in California will be on the state's water system, according to panelists who spoke Monday in Sacramento at a symposium on climate change. The panel — Water Resources in California: Drought, Extreme Events, and Management Options — was part of a two-day symposium on climate change.


New guidelines for water stewardship initiatives

Pacific Institute

Today, the U.N. Global Compact's CEO Water Mandate released the first comprehensive guide on forming water stewardship initiatives with integrity. The new guide recommends good practices for developing water stewardship initiatives in an inclusive and transparent manner that ensures sustainable water management.

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