Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016

Saving stormwater

L.A. aims to 'capture' 5 billion gallons of water annually

A big effort is underway to make improvements to the Tujunga Spreading Grounds, so the water conservation facility can better save rainwater to help with California's five-year drought. LADWP


Los Angeles Daily News & KABC Los Angeles

Construction began Monday on a project at Tujunga Spreading Grounds that is expected to double the amount of stormwater that can be captured at the facility to about 5 billion gallons per year. The $29 million project will take two years to complete and will store enough water for nearly 50,000 households.


Court upholds suction dredge mining moratorium

Eureka Times-Standard

The California Supreme Court today upheld a statewide moratorium on recreational suction dredge mining for gold. The moratorium, in place since 2009, is designed to prevent mercury pollution and damage to wildlife, waterways and cultural resources.


Cool design idea: 'The Pipe' at Santa Monica Pier


The infrastructure California needs to generate energy for electricity and clean water need not blight the landscape. "The Pipe" is one example of how producing energy can be knitted into every day life in a healthy, aesthetically pleasing way. You gotta see this!

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