Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2017

CEQA rush

Dozens are suing to block Delta tunnels. Will it matter?

CEQA process flow chart. WIKIPEDIA


Sacramento Bee

Environmental groups, governments and others face an uphill climb in their fight against the controversial Delta tunnels project. History suggests that suing under California's environmental law likely won't be enough to kill the project. At least 58 groups opposing the tunnels had sued the state as the legal deadline approached Monday.


Why state may force all schools to test their water

Mercury News

Tests have turned up harmful levels of lead in fountains and taps at schools in San Diego and Los Angeles. A Reuters report revealed dozens of California neighborhoods in which tested children showed elevated levels of lead. The news has left California legislators anxious as they prepare to require more stringent testing.


Uncertainty over water source for corporate giants

Water Deeply

No one seems to know how much water a massive desert industrial complex just 12 miles east of Reno will ultimately require. But treated urban wastewater may help protect the imperiled Truckee River as more big companies move in.