Monday, Aug. 22, 2016


Water-use public disclosure bill sinks in state Senate

Stormwater floods the 5-acre almond orchard of Modesto farmer Nick Blom in an experiment to restore aquifer on Jan. 19. PAUL KITAGAKI JR. / Sacramento Bee


Sacramento Bee & Palm Springs Desert Sun

A measure to expand public disclosure of commercial, industrial and other institutional water uses in California fell far short of passage Friday in the state Senate. Assembly Bill 1520, which would have removed exemptions to the Public Records Act for business customers of local water agencies, garnered only 15 votes on the floor, well below the 21 it needed to advance.


California's algae problem is worse than ever

KQED San Francisco

Algae blooms are a natural feature of summer, but the record levels of cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae, are rattling state officials this year. Health officials get nervous when they detect microcystin, one of several toxins produced by algae, at 20 micrograms per liter. This year, they're detecting levels of 150,000 micrograms per liter.


Scott Valley pioneers water management methods

California Water Blog

The Scott River is one of four major undammed streams and spawning habitat for coho and Chinook salmon. This valley is at the center of several water-related conflicts, but it is also pioneering a range of instream flow and groundwater management activities that could set the example for balanced water use in California.

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