Monday, Aug. 21, 2017

Overdraft study

Heavy storms may be enough to recharge groundwater

Availability of high-magnitude streamflow for groundwater banking in the Central Valley.

Water Deeply

California's Sustainable Groundwater Management Act requires about 250 groundwater basins to halt the overdraft in their aquifers. Where will the water come from to do that? It could come from "high-magnitude flows" – flooding events that occur from just a handful of winter storms. Tiffany Kocis, a Ph.D. student in hydrologic sciences at UC Davis is the lead author of a new study that tries to quantify these high flows.


UC Davis expert takes an in-depth look at SGMA

Maven's Notebook

Thomas Harter, a hydrology professor at UC Davis, presents an overview of the state's Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, the key components of a Groundwater Sustainability Plan and how to address uncertainty. He also discusses some of the management concepts for implementation of the legislation.


Deal on Salton Sea would commit California to act

Palm Springs Desert Sun

Five months ago, California outlined a $383 million plan to control dust and build wetlands around the shrinking Salton Sea. But that plan left agencies questioning whether the state would follow through. The Imperial Irrigation District and others have negotiated an agreement that would ease those concerns by holding California accountable for its pledges under the 10-year plan.