Friday, Aug. 21, 2015

Drought forecast

Climate change plays a role, study says. But how big?

The  natural climate variability that still dominates regional weather patterns will become increasingly unable to compensate for the drying effect of rising temperatures from global warming, according to the study. LOS ANGELES TIMES

Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times & San Gabriel Valley Tribune

A growing number of scientists have made the claim that climate change is at least partly responsible for California's crippling drought. Now researchers have estimated the extent to which humans are to blame: between 8 percent and 27 percent. The study's forecast calls for increasing temperatures in the Golden State over the next few decades. Gov. Jerry Brown said the report should serve as a wake-up call to those who have failed to take climate change seriously.


Drought, El Niño accelerate state water transition

Circle of Blue

As perhaps the strongest El Nino on record forms in the eastern Pacific Ocean, public officials in California are preparing for a winter in which the state's drought emergency might be interrupted by disastrous floods. Transitions are underway in many cities, industries, and farm districts, but gaps exist between the water systems of today and the water systems that will be necessary to provide secure water supply through the rest of the 21st century.


Drought: Scientists hope to use SIMS technology

Daily Bruin

A portable, self-operating, internet-equipped water purification plant — known as the Smart Integrated Membrane System — that can be carried on a trailer truck has been turning 25,000 gallons of contaminated water into clean water for more than a year now. A UCLA professor thinks the SIMS technology is also capable of addressing California's drought problems.

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