Wednesday Aug. 19, 2015

Grip tightens

Drought's economic impact: $2.7 billion, 10,000+ jobs

The drought is tightening its grip on California agriculture, squeezing about 30 percent more workers and cropland out of production than in 2014. GREGORY URQUIAGA / UC Davis

UC Davis

Sacramento Bee & California Water Blog

The drought is carving $2.7 billion out of California's economy, according to a new study by UC Davis. In their latest estimate of the drought's economic impact, university professors said the drought is reducing seasonal farm employment by 10,100 this year. Overall, California's $46 billion-a-year agricultural output remains robust in this fourth year of severe drought.


California tries to stay atop an economic wave

New York Times

The drought that has overrun California has run up against a welcome economic resurgence that is sweeping across much of the state after a particularly brutal downturn. It is forcing communities to balance a robust demand for new housing with concerns that the drought is not cyclical but rather the start of permanent, more arid conditions.


State's 'critically overdrafted' groundwater basins

KCBX San Luis Obispo & California DWR

A Department of Water Resources draft list tags those water supplies that are in critical overdraft across California, including basins serving communities along the Central Coast. In all, the DWR has designated 21 basins and sub-basins as "critically overdrafted."

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