Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2016

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Drought costs farms $600 million, but its impact eases

Drought's Economic Impact on Agriculture. UC DAVIS

UC Davis

Sacramento Bee & UC Davis

California's drought is costing farmers an estimated $603 million this year, although the impact is far less than a year ago, according to a new study released Monday by UC Davis. The reasonably rainy winter has eased the effects of the drought, the survey showed, even though considerable shortages persist in crucial areas of the San Joaquin Valley. Researchers also used new satellite remote-sensing technologies to estimate fallowed acreage as the drought unfolds.


Chiclet-sized device purifies water using sunlight

KQED San Francisco

A tiny black tablet could prove to be a very big deal from impoverished countries to the Pacific Crest Trail. Researchers at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University have developed a tiny, Chiclet-sized device that uses solar energy to disinfect water. During experiments, the device killed 99.999 percent of bacteria present after just 20 minutes.


Water-sharing DREAM plan takes a step forward

Stockton Record

Never before has San Joaquin County agreed to share its prized groundwater with outside interests. That could change as county leaders move closer to considering approval of an experiment with the East Bay Municipal Utility District. If successful, the experiment could show that it's possible for competing interests to cooperate in an era of increasing regulations and intensifying droughts.

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