Friday, Aug. 14, 2015

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Drought signals fundamental shift to new conditions

Catalyst California: A State Rebalances. CIRCLE OF BLUE

Circle of Blue

Circle of Blue

Dismal snowpack, dry wells, and cracked riverbeds form what could be a regular picture of California's water reality in the 21st century, according to state water experts who spoke Tuesday at a virtual town hall. The state is not debating the veracity of climate change and its consequences. Instead, California is leveraging a potent combination of political will and public support to adapt to the new conditions.


State cautions not to bank on a drenching El Niño

KQED San Francisco & Los Angeles Times

Forecasters are increasingly, cautiously optimistic about relief coming to ease the drought, but state officials Thursday warned that the strong El Niño forecast won't guarantee the rainfall the state desperately needs. Some officials preparing for the expected downpours are focusing their attention on vulnerabilities in Southern California's flood-control system.


Recycled water catches on for Inland agencies

Riverside Press-Enterprise

When you wash the dishes or flush the toilet, you may think you'll never see that water again. In more Inland areas, the chances are good that you will. Riverside, Beaumont and Jurupa Valley are among those that are planning systems to carry treated wastewater to special pipelines that take it to farms, schools and parks.

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