Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2015

Burden of gilt

Colorado River spill & the menace of hard-rock mines

Burden of Gilt: The legacy of environmental damage from abandoned mines, and what America should do about it. MINERAL POLICY CENTER

Mineral Policy Center

Los Angeles Times

The environmental tragedy along the Colorado River in Durango, Colo., underscores the persistent menace of defunct hard-rock mines, lingering like cancers across the American landscape. The danger posed by mines was laid out in a 1993 report from the Mineral Policy Center, a Washington think tank dedicated to identifying threats to natural resources.


Hatchery managers assist fish by copying nature

Santa Cruz Sentinel

California's four years of drought have left coho salmon on the brink of extinction, but the small hatchery near Scott Creek south of San Francisco offers hope for the endangered species. Researchers at the Kingfisher Flat Hatchery are optimistic thanks to a 1954 California Department of Fish and Game paper.


Drought official's tips for ag tech entrepreneurs

Fresh Dialogues

California's worst drought in decades has spurred everyone to pay close attention to their water use. Farmers are especially thirsty for water-saving ideas, so it's a sector ripe for innovative Ag Tech solutions. California State Water Resources Control Board member Dorene D'Adamo's tip? Get your hands dirty.

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