Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2016

Runoff remedies

Creative incentives that boost groundwater recharge

An innovative program in the Pajaro Valley offers landowners incentives to collect stormwater run-off to recharge groundwater. PPIC


Water Deeply

The Pajaro Valley is ground zero for high-value farm crops such as arugula, strawberries and cane berries. It depends on groundwater and is not connected to any intrastate transfers, so it has to rely only on local water resources. To help improve groundwater recharge, a hydrogeologist with UC Santa Cruz has proposed an innovative plan that gives landowners rebates for collecting stormwater runoff.


Salton Sea declines could signal a 'tipping point'

Palm Springs Desert Sun

At first the biologists noticed something unusual about the dead fish washing up on the shore of the Salton Sea: All of them were fully grown, at least 7 inches long. The lack of small fish and the sudden declines of some bird species at the Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge could be signs that the lake's overburdened ecosystem is starting to unravel and deteriorate.


UCSD study: Toxic diet threatens coastal condors

San Diego Union-Tribune

The California condor doesn't need more bad news. Captive-breeding programs have brought the bird back from the edge of extinction, but habitat loss and lead poisoning have prevented a stable recovery in the wild. A new study from UC San Diego raises more reason for concern for condors along the central coast in Big Sur.

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