Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2016

Major upgrade

Hetch Hetchy's Mountain Tunnel will close for repairs

Adit 8/9 an access tunnel that leads to Mountain Tunnel near Groveland. MICHAEL MACOR / San Francisco Chronicle

SF Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle

In a remote stretch of Tuolumne County lies one of the most crucial pieces of Hetch Hetchy's water infrastructure. The century-old Mountain Tunnel is at risk of catastrophic collapse, which would affect the more than 2.6 million residents and businesses that depend on it for water. Next year, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission will shut down the tunnel for an unprecedented 90 days for a $5 million retrofit.


Unsafe levels of industrial chemicals in our water

Capital Public Radio & Washington Post

A joint study by UC Berkeley and Harvard University researchers finds a firefighting foam containing highly fluorinated chemicals is contaminating drinking water supplies around many military bases, airports and industrial sites. The chemicals — polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl substances, or PFASs — have been used for decades in a range of industrial and commercial products.


Sedlak: 4 ways we can avoid catastrophic drought

Maven's Notebook

In this TEDx talk, engineer David Sedlak shares four practical solutions to the urban water crisis. His goal: to shift our water supply toward new, local sources of water and create a system that is capable of withstanding any of the challenges climate change may throw at us in the coming years.

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