Monday, Aug. 7, 2017

Matilija's makeover

One of the state's largest dam removals inches forward

An aerial view of Matilija Dam and reservoir, which stakeholders are working to remove.Ventura County Watershed Protection District

VC Public Works

Water Deeply

Nestled in the mountains of the quiet California town of Ojai is Matilija Dam, which has become a poster child of the national dam removal movement. The towering dam no longer functions as it was intended, but it has still been a battle to raise the funds necessary to remove the 168-foot-high structure, which is impeding fish and coastal habitat in Southern California.


2nd garbage patch larger than Texas discovered

San Francisco Chronicle

Scientists on a recent six-month expedition have discovered the presence of a second garbage patch in the South Pacific, and are saying that the plastic vortex could be bigger than the state of Texas. The plastic found in this part of the ocean are apparently smaller than grains of rice.


Imagine a Day Without Water resources available

U.S. Water Alliance

Most Americans take the water systems that bring clean water to and from their homes and businesses for granted. They turn on the tap and flush the toilet without thinking twice about where that water came from or where it will go. But could you imagine a day without water? Here's five ways to participate.