Friday, Aug. 7, 2015

Wake-up call

Gov. Brown's real clear climate message: 'California's burning: What the hell are you going to do about it?'

"The climate is unstable," the Democratic governor told reporters after meeting with fire officials and people affected by the fire. DAVID SIDERS / Sacramento Bee

Sacramento Bee

Sacramento Bee & Capital Public Radio

Firefighters, aided by humid conditions, were working Thursday to build additional control lines around the Rocky Fire, with containment at 45 percent. Gov. Jerry Brown says the state has a "new normal" when it comes to wildfires. He blamed climate change for hot weather that contributes to drier forests and increased fire danger. "My message is real clear: California's burning. What the hell are you going to do about it?"


How dam's destruction changes the landscape

San Francisco Chronicle & KSBW Salinas

Like a giant cookie disappearing bite by bite, a massive and once-mighty concrete dam is quickly disappearing in a tucked-away corner of Monterey County. Knocking down dams is all the rage these days. In fact, the destruction of the San Clemente Dam could be a model for state water policy. And it's certainly going to make a lot of steelhead trout happy.


EPA's clean water rule meets political pushback

Circle of Blue

In an era of fierce and frustrating political division, legislative collaboration is rare. In few arenas of government is the stalemate more clear than in legislative oversight of the nation's land, air, and especially of water. Congress emphatically resists updating the Clean Water Act, last amending it in 1987. The nation's waters are undoubtedly cleaner today, but serious impairments remain.

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