Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015

Shasta in spotlight

Drought renews push for state water storage projects

The Shasta Dam is located in the northern tip of California's Central Valley, one of the most productive regions for agriculture in the country. CITY OF REDDING

City of Redding

High Country News

The drought that's been desiccating California for the past four years has added new urgency to a decades-old debate about the best way to secure reliable water supplies: new dams or efficiency measures. While the debate about how to better manage water continues, the drought is triggering more political momentum for several water storage projects in California's agriculture-rich Central Valley.


Other states could save California from drought

StateTech Magazine & San Jose Mercury News

A recent report showed that inefficient practices by state water agencies do little to provide relief. But using water-detection technology that other cities nationwide are testing could be a possible solution. San Jose, for example, is embracing a new drought-busting technology in its effort to save water.


Residents in fire country choose water over cash

KOVR Sacramento

Firefighters say water is proving to be as valuable as the homes and land being consumed by California's wildfires. With 19 fires burning across the state and lake levels low during the fourth year of California's drought, crews are turning to private property owners to get the water they need. Instead of accepting cash, Cal Fire says residents are increasingly choosing water instead.

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