Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2015

Authority wins

Judge backs California drought regulators; ruling clears way for enforcement action against farm irrigators

A judge denied a Delta irrigation district's request for an injunction against the State Water Resources Control Board's efforts to clamp down on water use. HECTOR AMEZCUA / Sacramento Bee

Sacramento Bee

Sacramento Bee & San Francisco Chronicle

California's drought police, slapped down in court just a few weeks ago, have been cleared to go after water districts accused of illegally diverting water. A judge has given water regulators the go-ahead to enforce pumping restrictions on a small Valley irrigation district, a decision seen as validation of the state's broader authority to restrict water use.


Oakdale district agrees to give farmers more water

Modesto Bee

Despite the drought, local farmers this year will get 44 inches of water per parcel instead of 40, Oakdale irrigation leaders decided Tuesday, because customers so far have used much less than expected. In addition, the board revived a controversial plan to sell some of its Stanislaus River water to wealthy outsiders in 2016.


Workshops look at water bond storage spending

California Farm Bureau Federation / Ag Alert

Nine months after California voters passed the Proposition 1 water bond, the California Water Commission is conducting public workshops to discuss how bond money for water storage projects might be spent. The $7.12 billion bond measure includes $2.7 billion set aside for the public benefit of water storage projects.

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