Friday, Aug. 4, 2017

The new green

How water became the focus of corporate sustainability

Can this beer save the planet? WESTWORD


Water Deeply

Companies that rely heavily on water have begun to test various "green" marketing strategies. What is the right path for companies interested in these efforts? How should consumers react to these claims? Is it even possible to achieve sustainability in a water-dependent product? Let's sort through the claims.


Last 'Ghost Fleet' ship sets sail from Suisun Bay

Mercury News

The last of 57 decaying vessels in the federal government's iconic "Ghost Fleet" is set to leave Suisun Bay today, ending a long struggle over the toxic pollution leached from the old ships into waters near a major fish nursery and migration area.


New tool helps parched regions replenish aquifers

Stanford University

Stanford environmental engineers have developed a computational planning tool that helps urban water utilities look at their local circumstances and understand how they could combine stormwater runoff and recycled wastewater strategies into an integrated, efficient and cost-effective system that replenishes aquifers.