Thursday, Aug. 3, 2017

Pot rules

State proposes new water regs for legal cannabis farms

Local jurisdictions are also reviewing measures to regulate legal pot farms on the Central Coast. KCOY Santa Maria


KCOY Santa Maria

The state water board has begun the public review period for proposed regulations to protect surface and groundwater supplies from pollution generated by legal cannabis farming. he proposed regulations will also address the permitting process for marijuana farms and enforcement of waste discharge violations. If approved, the new state regulations would take effect in November.


Butte farm claims Oroville Dam crisis cost it $15M

Sacramento Bee

A Butte County farmer filed a $15 million claim with the state Wednesday over the crisis at Oroville Dam, saying water that rushed down the Feather River wiped out part of his walnut orchard. State officials say it's not clear whether water releases harmed the river and those who farm along it, and that some bank erosion would have occurred regardless this year, given the record rainy season.


Drought's big success story came with a high cost

Water Deeply

East Porterville was the hardest-hit community during the drought, when nearly 1,000 people were without water — some after living two years without functioning indoor plumbing. Efforts to find a long-term fix have been successful, but came with a big price tag — and some important lessons.