Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2016

A key step

State unveils environmental blueprint for Delta tunnels

Biological Assessment for California WaterFix

California Water Fix

Sacramento Bee

California officials Tuesday released a detailed environmental blueprint for Gov. Jerry Brown’s controversial Delta tunnels project, saying the $15.5 billion plan “minimizes potential effects” on endangered fish species that have dwindled following decades of water pumping. The Department of Water Resources unveiled its so-called “biological assessment” for the proposed tunnels, a necessary step in the lengthy planning process.


State water savings dip, but officials optimistic

Los Angeles Times

Water conservation in California dipped slightly during the first month that the state's mandatory water-savings rules were significantly relaxed, regulators said Tuesday. The 21.5 percent cut in water use in June was less impressive than officials hoped, but came as a relief because the numbers suggest that urban Californians will continue to save water — even when they are not required to do so.


How tiny threads in our clothes pollute S.F. Bay

KQED San Francisco

One of the major sources of microplastic pollution in the San Francisco Bay comes from something you might not expect: our laundry. Turns out, our clothes shed thousands of fibers every time they're washed. And in our synthetic clothes, those fibers are made of plastic. These microplastics present a threat, but the solution is far less clear.

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