Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2016

Rare victory

State fishermen win key ruling over Delta water supply

Chipps Island in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, the troubled nexus of California’s complicated water delivery system. MANNY CRISOSOTOMO / Sacramento Bee

Sacramento Bee

Sacramento Bee

A group of commercial fishermen won a potentially significant court ruling in the seemingly endless battle over California’s water supply and the volumes of water pumped south through the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Last week's ruling could force the Bureau of Reclamation eventually to reduce the amount of Central Valley Project water pumped through the Delta to farmers and leave more water in the estuary to help endangered fish species.


Drought: Residents cut water use 21.5% in June

East Bay Times

The drought rules were relaxed, but Californians didn't open the spigots. The state's urban residents are continuing strong water conservation, cutting water use 21.5 percent in June compared with June 2013, the baseline year, despite state officials easing mandatory drought targets earlier this year. The new data was released this morning by the State Water Resources Control Board in Sacramento.


Districts await state's OK on conservation goals

Marysville Appeal-Democrat

As state-mandated water restrictions were projected to be lifted Monday, local water districts have begun to take steps establishing new, self-certified conservation marks, but the state has yet to confirm the districts' goals. Cal Water Marysville, for example, which previously had a 24 percent reduction mandated by the state, set its new water conservation target at 10 percent.

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