Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2017

Pump it up

San Diego looks to develop, build a hydro storage plant

The concept is pretty basic: Using turbines, water is pumped from one reservoir up to another and then released, with the ensuing rush of water generating electricity. SHAFFER GRUBB / San Diego Union-Tribune


San Diego Union-Tribune

The San Diego County Water Authority wants to find somebody to develop an energy storage facility at the San Vicente Reservoir, nestled among the Cuyamaca Mountains near Lakeside. Officials are not only confident they can find a number of potential candidates willing to fully develop the project, they expect to entertain proposals in the range of $1.5 billion to $2 billion.


Still reeling, salmon fisherman ready for the catch

KGO San Francisco & KPIX San Francisco

Good news, finally, for commercial salmon fisherman along the North Coast: After a three-month delay, the season begins today. The industry is struggling after several years of drought, but conditions are looking up and a Bay Area congressman hopes to secure federal money for those who suffered losses.


Ranchers say state's decision leapfrogs them

Sacramento Bee

Tiny frogs and toads used to swarm over the Sierra Nevada. Now, the federal government says nearly 2 million acres of land needs to be preserved to prevent them from going extinct. California ranchers say those protections are hurting their ability to make a living. So another conflict over the Endangered Species Act is going to court.