Friday, July 29, 2016

Alarming rise

UC study: Warmest water temps threaten Tahoe clarity

Tahoe: State of the Lake Report 2016. UC DAVIS

UC Davis

Mercury News & KQED San Francisco

The average surface temperature last year at Lake Tahoe was the warmest ever recorded, the latest evidence that climate change is altering the Sierra Nevada landmark. In a UC Davis report released Thursday, scientists said that the lake's waters in the past four years have been warming at 15 times their historic average. Even more disturbing is that oxygen-rich surface water is not making it to the lake bottom, depriving fish and other life forms of oxygen.


Can flooded rice fields be a solution in water war?

San Francisco Chronicle

California is the country's second-largest rice producer. But that does little to ease the frustration fishers and ecologists feel as native salmon populations plunge because of warming water temperatures in the Sacramento River. Although seeing thousands of acres of rice fields covered shin-deep in water might seem wasteful to some, not everyone sees it that way.


Stockton goes green again, but not in a good way

Stockton Record

Either there’s been a spill at the local pea soup plant, or Stockton is suffering another nasty algae outbreak at the downtown waterfront. For the second time in three summers, the water has turned a sickly green. And sometimes, the smell is even more noticeable than the color. Indeed, it’s algae. And while it’s uncertain what kind, experts say it would be wise to assume it's the potentially toxic Microcystis.

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