Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Diverse voices

Remedy or boondoggle? Talks start on Delta tunnels

This is the proposed site near Courtland of the middle intake in Gov. Jerry Brown's twin tunnels plan. RANDALL BENTON / Sacramento Bee


Sacramento Bee & Stockton Record

Gov. Brown's plan to build twin tunnels beneath the Delta was hailed Tuesday as the long-awaited salvation for the damaged estuary – and also lambasted as a nightmarish boondoggle. And that was just Day 1 of the state's marathon hearings on the $15.5 billion proposal. Dozens of comments showed just how divided the state is.  WATCH THE HEARINGS


Latest algae bloom threatens town's way of life

San Francisco Chronicle

A nasty bout of algae in Discovery Bay has dramatically worsened in recent weeks — an unwelcome and possibly harmful intrusion that scientists say marks the latest in a string of troubling algal blooms in California and across the nation.


Surplus water sale will power energy production

Auburn Journal

Above-average precipitation in the high country is providing Placer County Water Agency with a double bonus this year. Not only is the Auburn-based water provider able to have enough surplus water stored to sell to thirstier areas, it will also be able to generate power from the water flowing off its reservoir.

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