Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sharing groundwater

SGMA implementation: A robust framework and roadmap for sustainable groundwater management

Simplified mock‐up of a typical Central Valley groundwater basin. DUKE UNIVERSITY

Duke University

Maven's Notebook

Undoubtedly for some, implementing the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act is a fearsome and expensive thing, fraught with difficulties and expensive science. But what if there was a simpler way to manage groundwater that can provide opportunity and wealth for a community? During a presentation hosted by the Water Association of Kern County, Professor Mike Young gave his framework for creating such a system.


Marine sanctuaries may face a new drilling threat

San Francisco Chronicle

The same communities that fought for decades to protect California’s coast from offshore oil drilling have renewed their battle calls as the Trump administration considers opening 3,500 square miles of state waters to energy development. Residents and local leaders from Santa Barbara to Mendocino are waging a statewide campaign to halt any downsizing of 11 national marine sanctuaries and monuments, including four in California.


Vending machine brings clean water to a tiny town

Las Vegas Review-Journal

It took several years longer than expected, but residents of Tecopa now have their own local source of clean drinking water. A filtered water vending machine went online Tuesday in the community 80 miles west of Las Vegas, where there is no central water system and what comes out of wells is tainted by pollutants.