Thursday, July 23, 2015

Precedent set

High court hands setback to water conservation fight

The California Supreme Court has denied a request to depublish a lower court ruling that found the City of San Juan Capistrano's tiered rate structure violated Proposition 218. ASSOCIATION OF CALIFORNIA WATER AGENCIES


Orange County Register & Maven's Notebook

The California Supreme Court on Wednesday denied a request by the state's top lawyers and water experts to depublish a groundbreaking ruling that tiered water rates are illegal. The ruling didn't declare tiers in general illegal, but the court said they must be based on the actual cost of providing water and can't be artificially inflated to discourage water use. Here's what lawyers said during a May 12 webinar on the initial decision.


Regulators: Detailed records aid first water case

KCRA Sacramento

It's tough to prove when water is illegally siphoned because of sparse metering, infrequent reporting and a complex web of tens of thousands of water rights. State water regulators, who are proposing their first prosecution for unauthorized water diversions in the drought, say unusually detailed records will spare them the usual challenges involving such cases as they seek to show they are serious about enforcing widespread cutbacks.


Environmental groups blast Delta tunnels plan

Sacramento Bee

A group of environmentalists, Delta farmers and recreational anglers are challenging revised environmental impact documents released earlier this month as part of a controversial, $15.5 billion plan to build two massive tunnels in the north Delta to ship the water to pumping stations in the south.

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