Friday, July 21, 2017

Smoky surge

100 wildfires in 4 days, and more are surely on the way

Plumes of smoke rise around Lake McClure, near Mariposa. MARCUS YAM / Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times

Sacramento Bee & Los Angeles Times

Firefighters and residents of Mariposa County continued their battle against the massive Detwiler Fire on Thursday as wildland blazes continued to burn around the state, generating smoke for hundreds of miles. The smoke plume extends north from Mariposa County into the Sierra and neighboring Nevada, and has traveled as far as Idaho. But while the blaze rages, an uneasy quiet has settled over the evacuated town of 2,100 people. It's "kind of a ghost town," one resident remarked.


Engineering expert asks: Is Oroville Dam leaking?

Sacramento Bee

One of the country's foremost experts on catastrophic engineering failures released a new report Thursday on the troubled Oroville Dam that asks a disturbing question: Is the country's tallest dam leaking? State dam managers have insisted for months that there's no problem, but the UC Berkeley expert called for an independent investigation into the soundness of Oroville Dam.


L.A. restores historic Sierra tunnel to store runoff

Los Angeles Daily News

An unused water system is being restored from the L.A. Aqueduct Cascades in Sylmar to a group of meadows in Pacoima as an innovative means to create more Los Angeles drinking water. For the first time in decades, a torrent of water from melting snow from the Sierra is slaking the thirst of Los Angeles homes and businesses. The LADWP aims to capture some of the excess mountain runoff by storing it below ground for future use.