Wednesday, July 20, 2016

TCP rules

California to set legal limit on likely carcinogen in water

Many residents in rural communities in the Central Valley must buy water because of the threat of contaminants in their drinking water. FRESNO BEE

Fresno Bee

Capital Public Radio & Fresno Bee

The State Water Resources Control Board will set a maximum contaminant level for 1,2,3 TCP (trichloropropane) found in industrial solvents and cleaning agents, but was once found in two popular soil fumigants. The pesticide byproduct contaminated groundwater throughout the Central Valley. At present, water systems in California are required to notify residents only if the chemical is found at a certain health-based advisory level.


Using renewable energy to boost water supplies

KPCC Pasadena

As the state slogs through its fifth year of drought, many water agencies are increasingly turning to alternative water sources to boost supplies — like seawater, brackish groundwater and recycled wastewater. But those need a lot of energy to treat. A state senator wants to use California's growing renewable energy supply to help meet that demand.


3-year plan to save Delta smelt faces tough road

Water Deeply

When a coalition of California and federal agencies announced a new Delta Smelt Resiliency Strategy last week, the ambitious plan to save the region's nearly extinct fish grabbed headlines. But whether most, or even parts, of the comprehensive program can realistically put in place the changes needed to rescue this endangered native species is another question.

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