Thursday, July 16, 2015

Making it clear

State regulators issue new water rights curtailments

Even with the changes, big legal challenges remain to the state's effort to rein in water use. SACRAMENTO BEE

Sacramento Bee

Sacramento Bee & Stockton Record

Sent back to the drawing board by a judge, state drought regulators issued new water rights curtailment notices Wednesday to thousands of farmers and other Californians in an effort to keep a crucial water-use regulation regime on track. The state backed down a bit, formally rescinding portions of letters that seemed to require thousands of water users up and down the Central Valley to stop diverting.


USGS: High levels of contaminants in public water

KRON San Francisco

With the state's water resources running dry due to California's unabating drought, a new study by the U.S. Geological Survey says that about one-fifth of the raw groundwater contains high levels of contaminants. The study looked at data from about 11,000 public water supply wells in the state that supply 99 percent of Californians using public water systems.


Water School: A re-education camp for wasters

Los Angeles Times

In May, Santa Cruz imposed a strict water rationing program. Users who exceed their rations of about 60 gallons per person per day are hit with hefty fines. But there is a way out. Once — and only once — the penalty is forgiven if water outlaws attend a two-hour PowerPoint presentation at the community center.

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